Château Clerc Milon 2010

Château Clerc Milon 2010

Climatic conditions

2010 was a dry but relatively cool year, with no summer heatwave.

A generally cold winter gave way to a dry and cool spring that ended with some rainfall in mid-June.
Temperatures started rising on 21 June and the summer weather continued throughout a particularly sunny July.

The fine conditions of late July were followed by a cloudier, slightly cooler and very dry August. Summer weather returned on 21 August with high temperatures (reaching 38° C on the 25th and 26th) and cool nights, getting the ripening process off to a good start.

A welcome spell of rain between 6 and 8 September helped the grapes to mature. Acidity levels fell and phenolic maturation was slow but the crop remained in excellent condition.
The fine weather returned, still accompanied by cool nights, encouraging the quality and synthesis of anthocyans and flavour until the harvest.

After showers on 26 September, picking started on 28 September in very good conditions and ended on 13 October. Naturally concentrated, the grapes were small and their juice, rich and highly coloured, displayed good acidity.

These factors – dry conditions without drought, an exceptional amount of sunshine, cool nights and rainfall that arrived at just the right time – give the 2010 vintage a remarkable identity. A splendid sequel to 2009, it is sure to become an outstanding year in the long history of fine Bordeaux wine.

Oenological sheet

  • Harvest
  • 28 September to 15 October
  • Varietal mix
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 50%
    Merlot 36%
    Cabernet Franc 11%
    Petit Verdot 2%
    Carmenère 1%
Tasting notes

The wine is a very deep red with a violet tint.

Super-ripe black fruit, spice, dark chocolate and orange blossom aromas mingle harmoniously on the very powerful and complex nose. From a forthright and full-bodied attack, the palate rounds out sweetly on succulent fresh fruit and liquorice flavours. The wine’s velvet texture enfolds its tannic structure, ensuring balance and great refinement.

The long and warm-hearted finish is lifted by intensely fresh acidulated and mineral flavours.

Descriptive sheet

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